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A letter to Jean-Nicolas, mentioning the success of The Lantern, his defence of de St Hurugue and working with Mirabeau  ;  22/09/1789 [from Matton P 38]
My very dear father,
M. de Mirabeau, with whom I dined yesterday at Versailles, informed me that the Toulon Parliament had just burnt my France Libre. I am awaiting the indictment, which I am curious to read. This should be worth an extra edition to me, if no forgery has taken place in that area.
My Lantern’s Discourse is on sale, and the [first] edition is almost sold out. It is the only pamphlet which sells these days; but we are so fed up with all these sheets of paper, that I dread putting out a second edition.
The half sheet which I sent you by post, in support of the Marquis de Saint-Hurugue has greatly honoured my principles, and I have received compliments from all sides. The success of my pamphlets this year, so very different from their reception in Guise, has made me determined to make my home in Paris. I have taken lodgings opposite the Hotel de Nivernois, which I will enter by the St. Remy. Since the expense has eaten up practically all the profits from my last work, I didn’t think you would refuse to help me with five or six Louis, taking into account the rascally treatment I have suffered at the hands of my bookseller. I beg you not to refuse me if it is at all possible.
I am sending you a copy of the ninth edition of Revolutions of Paris, on account of the mention it makes on page 12 of the services which I have done the country [patrie]. I have taken a stand, and will only produce carefully considered work, cutting my expenses to the profit of my reputation. M. de Mirabeau has offered me work on his journal. I am hesitating, and I await your advice.
A letter has just arrived for me from Mirabeau asking me to come to the Versailles area. Yesterday the Paris Chronicle praised me highly for my publication in support of M de Saint-Hurugue. Farewell
Your son
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