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Two very brief letters regarding the marriage exchanged between Jean-Nicolas and Claud Duplessis

Matton p97
Paris 20 December 1790
For some years now M. Desmoulins, your son, has sought my daughter in marriage:
At last we arrive at the moment when his wished are to be granted. My daughter has a fondness for him equal to his own for her; this feeling presages a happy future for them both and I can see no other obstacle to their union than your own consent: so now it depends on you, sir, to speed their happiness; and it depends on Monsieur, your son, to complete this duty of yours. There is nothing on my side that stands in opposition to their wishes.
I have the honour to be, with a true attachment,
Your very humble and very obedient servant,
Guise 23 December 1790
The letter you have honoured me by writing, confirming your assent to the happiness of my son, fills me with all the joy that a father can feel at the news that his son is to be happy. I beg you to accept my gratitude and this expression of my feelings. We can only anticipate the happiest fate for our dear children since their betrothal takes place under such auspicious circumstances. We unite our good wishes on all sides for them, and for their union. I will be delighted to come to the celebration, so dear to my heart, if my health and the weather allow it.
Assurance of the distinguished consideration and perfect devotion with which I am, etc [sic!]
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