simone_remy (simone_remy) wrote in melkam,

Camille's very short penultimate prison letter from BHVP original

All the italicised content was omitted from the version published by Matton although it can all be found in Bertaud. All the omitted details refer to Camille’s illness, which seems to have been gastric, or digestive in origin. A cornet appears to have been a package used to treat diarrhoea [grateful thanks to an ace researcher] and cooling herbs for reducing fever.
11 germinal an 2
My dear Lolotte, the pain of our separation has inflamed my blood. My illness has returned. I have no fire in the room; you need to send me a stove, some fuel, bellows, a coffee pot, some cooling herbs, I will also need a closet. You must ask your mother again to go immediately to the doctor about whom I spoke to her and seek out a cornet, like the two I once showed her. I will also need a bowl and a pitcher of water.
Goodbye Lucile, goodbye Horace, goodbye Daronne, goodbye my old father. Write him a letter of consolation. I am sick, I have eaten nothing but your soup since yesterday.
Heaven has taken pity on my innocence and sent me, in sleep, a dream where I saw you all; send me your hair and your portrait I beg you, because I think only of you, and never of the affair which has brought me here which I cannot understand.
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