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Letter to Lucile 23/07/1792 plus pix of the original

Camille wrote this to Lucile the day before he made the speech which follows.

My dear Lucile,
I beg you not to cry on account of missing your dearest friend, M. Hon. He is up to his neck in the revolution. How pleased you would have been to see me today in the city parade! It's the first time I've played a public role and I was as proud as Don Quixote. Still, I should have liked to have had my dear Rouleau, my Cachan hen riding behind me on my horse. My God! Don't be too much in love with me dearest, it may do you too much harm.
Today I dined with Robespierre, where I was constantly talking about you, Rouleau, my poor Rouleau, my beloved demon! Right now I am finishing my speech since they have asked me to read it to the Conseil General on Tuesday. I've already frightened the wealthy members terribly with a few words which I spoke at the tribune yesterday - for which I received tremendous applause.

Today I was on horseback and devoted the whole day to proclaiming the danger to the patrie before 3,000 National Guards and 20 pieces of canon.
I darent mention your little one for fear of bringing tears to your eyes. It is eleven o clock in the evening , I'm writing now so that you may receive the letter tomorrow. I will be going to bed, but you won't be stroking my shoulder or winding your arms around me. I will hurry my speech so that I can fly to your arms.
Farewell my good angel, my Lolotte, mother of that little lizard. Hug Daronne and Horace for me.
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