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achillleus in melkam

[sticky post] Index

Main Works:

La France Libre:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V first half
Part V second half
Part VI

Discours de la Lanterne aux Parisiens:

Part 1
Part 2

Appendix to Part 2
Part 3
Appendix to Part 3
Part 4

Revolutions de France et de Brabant:

First edition: Part 1, Part 2
Excerpt from no. 76 - Response to Marat
Extract from final edition 1
Extract from final edition 2 - Notice to Readers

A c.1794 translation of L'Histoire des Brissotins can be found here

English translations of Le Vieux Cordelier can be found at Le Vieux Cordelier Translation Project

Speech made on 24/07/1792, on the position of the capital : First part, Second part, Third part, Fourth part, Fifth part

Letters, etc:

1783 - Letter to a young woman in Compiegene
May 8 1789 - Letter to father about procession at Versailles
June 3 1789 - Letter to father
June/July 1789 - Letter to father
1789 - Letter to father asking for six louis
September 1789 - Letter to father
September 22 1789 - letter to father mentioning the Lantern
September 29 1789 - letter to father mentioning time with Mirabeau
March 13 1790 - Letter to father and reply
1790 - Letter to Annette and 2 Letters to Lucile
December 1790 - Two letters to father requesting consent for marriage
Jan 3 1791 - Letter to father describing marriage and reply
July 23, 1792 - Letter to Lucile on eve of speech
First prison letter to Lucile
Second prison letter to Lucile references to illness
Last prison letter to Lucile

Letters from others:

August 1790 - two letters to Camille, one from Linguet and one unsigned
~ 1790 letter from Saint-Just to Camille
December 1790 - Exchange between Jean-Nicolas and Claude Duplessis regarding marriage

Topino Lebrun's trial notes

[Tried to make it somewhat chronological. Please feel free to mention any corrections, things I've forgotten, deadlinks, etc.]


Fantastic work! Order out of chaos ~ thank you so much :)
You're very welcome - thank YOU for supplying 95% of the material ;)
How wonderful - yay for this! And thank you. :)
You're very welcome! Glad it's appreciated! :D
Thank you, in particular for the link to The Secret History of the Brissotins - I wasn't aware a translation existed!

This is my Camille board on Pinterest
I'm sorry this has come up as a 'suspicious comment'! It certainly isn't, but I don't know how to move it! Please accept my apologies
Not to worry - LJ probably flagged it as "suspicious" because of the link to my Pinterest board!