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Notice to readers in final edition of Revs (Aug 4 1791)

Beloved and loyal subscribers, in no 86 I revealed the main reason which has compelled me to bid you a farewell, which I hope need not be forever. To the general causes I can add personal ones, which are no less relevant. Even if a journalist has to live for his journal he is certainly not obliged to let it ruin him. The vagaries of the post*, my own inexperience and the lack of time to produce the journal have rendered the despatch of the seventh trimester so burdensome to me that I have seen my erstwhile savings devoured at the hands of the printer, the engraver and the bookbinder; and despite the Prussian florins, English guineas and the Dutch ducats which were showered upon me to defame the white horse (La Fayette), I was speeding headlong towards bankruptcy and ineligibility, as fast as Louis XVI. Because of all this it is maybe too much to presume on the kindness (bienvaillence) of my readers, but I am going to delegate, to Prudhomme, my obligations towards them to provide them with the five editions, up to 91, which will complete the seventh trimester*. To this end I have made arrangements with him, passed him my list of subscribers, and he will fulfil my commitments. He has just sworn a solemn oath that he will not cease publishing the journal until France is free.
Honour to the Jacobins, shame on the Feuillants!

* in no85 Camille wrote - the postal administration is counter revolutionary. I am getting complaints from all parts that the copies I send out are not arriving.....First the post steals my journal and then the money I pay them to despatch it. Citizens, you see how you are betrayed.
* At the same time Prudhomme accused Camille of cowardice.
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