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simone_remy in melkam

Two oddments

I was was just housekeeping my journal and found this snippet which may as well go here ~ it's a quote from Les Revs no.81 1791 found in Felix Godart - 'Camille Desmoulins D'apres Ses Oeuvres'
It's an apology tacked on to the end of a reply to one of his subscribers -
'You will find a degree of confusion in this reply; the clerk who was to replace M Caillard died from an abscess which killed him as swiftly as a shot from a cannon just as he arrived in my office; when I returned from his funeral the printer Chalon killed himself before my very eyes by throwing himself out of the window. These events have troubled me so much that I've not been able to spend time on my journal and have been forced to write extremely quickly.'

Also I've been wondering about this, found in the BHVP, we were sure it was a correction to the printer in Camille's hand, cette for ce, but on reflection I'm not convinced because of the page numbering. It's definitely from le VC 3 though, which he would have corrected and the writing could be his. Apologies if I'm deviating from the brief of the community.  I thought it wouldn't hurt to broaden it out a bit.


Gosh, that snippet is so disturbing, isn't it? For Camille's own sake, I really hope he's embellishing a bit. Wonder if there would be any way to know if the correction is Camille's or not....
I remember being sure it was his when we saw it; I think that's why Matton had included the entire thing, but when you stop and think of all the things that were going on around him at that time.........and yet you can imagine him having just that pernickety streak and of course he was still sort of optimistic ~ oh dear!
That's so true when you think about how much was going on at the time - your printer throwing himself out the window in front of you was probably small beans in comparison!